Guide to the equipment in a Lightboard Studio

Our guide below takes you through all the equipment that you will need to create your very own in-house Lightboard studio

Studio Equipment Breakdown

Learn what components you need to create your own Lightboard studio

Lightboard diagram showing studio setup

Equipment Checklist

Cross-reference the diagram above and the checklist below to learn what you need and how they should be used in your studio.

Black backdrop panels viewed from front left

Backdrop (Space Saver)

The black matte backdrop provides a distraction free background for your videos to make you and your drawings stand out. With the brightness setting on your camera turned slightly down, the backdrop appears as ‘true black’ on camera.

We have designed the backdrop to save valuable office space by not requiring a frame structure or draping fabrics. The lack of large creases that affects most fabric backdrops means it’s easier to make the panel backdrop solid black on camera by slightly adjusting the brightness setting.

You can easily install the backdrop using the two wall strips on the top and bottom of the panel that can be removed cleanly without damaging the walls.

studio lights

Studio lights

Studio lights are essential in ensuring the presenter is lit up in your Lightboard videos. However, you must make sure the studio lights are focused on the presenter and not anything else, such as the glass on the lightboard or backdrop, using the studio barn doors.

Lightboard Studio provides studio lights with barn doors that includes a soft diffuser and adjustable brightness and colour temperature to capture quality videos every time.

remote attached to a black lightboard

Lightboard remote

Setting the lightboard brightness is vital because the lighting in every office environment is different. The darker the room, the more you can increase the lightboard brightness because you can turn the brightness setting on your camera more down.

Lightboard Studio’s Lightboards have six brightness setting to ensure it’s functional across a range of different office lighting conditions for maximum compatibility.

All of Lightboard Studio’s Lightboards have a remote included.

Lightboard classic product with a black backdrop

Lightboard Classic

The Lightboard Classic is the perfect size to record large scale lightboard videos. The low-iron specialized architectural glass makes your drawings glow brightly while being resistant to scratches and is easily cleaned. The slimline design of the Lightboard Classic takes up minimal space in your office.

Camera with black backdrop

Recording device

You can use multiple devices to record your Lightboard videos, including a DSLR camera, webcam or smartphone. Whichever device you choose, you will need to mount it to a camera stand so you can position it correctly to capture you behind the Lightboard.

The main requirement for the camera you are planning to use for the Lightboard is that it has adjustable lighting settings (more specifically, the ISO level, aperture and shutter speed) so you can turn the brightness down artificially.
Camera with black backdrop

Camera stand

The camera stand should position your recording device to the center of the lightboard glass both vertically and horizontally. You should use a camera stand that is at least 5ft tall.
clip on microphone on top of a table

Audio equipment

The microphone you use needs to reach under the Lightboard so the presenter can be picked up behind the glass.

If you use a clip-on microphone or a USB microphone attached to your laptop, use a male to female audio extension adapter cable.

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Our complete Lightboard studio packages include all the equipment you need to create your own in-house Lightboard studio. The tried and tested equipment and space saving design of the studio enables you to create a fully functional studio that works in any small office space.

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